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Stormy Corner Are Blistering 6 Piece Band Sandwiched Between The Two Great Musical City’s That Are Liverpool And Manchester, The Band Have Been Together Since 2006 And Have Played Many Gigs Up And Down The Country Including Many Support Slots With Manchester’s Favorites Twisted Wheel And The Courteeners And More Recently Ocean Colour Scene, In April Of 2009 Stormy Corner Released There First Single 'The Understanding' On Diffusion Records And Competed A 5 Gig Tour Of Florence, Italy , The Band Also Played In Florence On the 3rd Of April This Year Supporting One Of Italy’s Finest Bands the Hacienda for a Black Candy Record Label Night. Stormy Corner Will Also Be Playing This Years Kendal Calling Festival Plus Many More Gigs Across The Country, This Band Is Not To Be Missed In 2010!! "The Understanding" Single Reviews Play 90 second soundbite of 'The Understanding' @ 'CD quality' Attitude, confidence bordering on well justified arrogance - that's what I immediately thought when this one ripped from the speakers!! 'The Understanding' from Stormy Corner is a rampant pop-rocker with real guts and ballsy aggression; it's fiery from the off and the simmering energy never once dies off or even calms down - if anything it heightens and boils over! British all-day-long, Stormy Corner give it loud and proud and make 'The Understanding' a massive contender; this six-piece from Skelmersdale utilise every byte of space to fill the ether with adrenalin fuelled electric noise. It sounds like it was fun to make and the resultant inherent feel-good factor is magnificent! 'The Understanding' by Stormy Corner has 'hit' written right through it! It aint over-clever and it doesn't really go anywhere new, or even attempt to defy 'normalisation'. It doesn't need to, it's got everything it could possibly need to make it what it is - it's just so wonderfully motivating and pretty up-lifting actually. 'The Understanding' from Stormy Corner is radio-friendly and instantly memorable - if this gets the air-time it so richly deserves, all hell could break out!! Could be a biggie this, 'The Understanding' by Stormy Corner puts real power back into power-pop and is right on the money!! "The Understanding" Single Reviews 'The Understanding' Released on 6 April 2009 on Diffusion Part Libertines, part The Coral, the debut single from these Skelmersdale shamblers is actually a cut above most bands of their ilk. Their ..unique selling point.. is that they have two vocalists, although there is no evidence of this on ..The Understanding.. (unless both singers sound exactly the same). That said, even if they had the whole of the Welsh male voice choir sitting out as singers it still wouldn..t detract from the fact that this is still a very fine first effort indeed. Posted on 8 April 2009 by Nick Foster "The Understanding" Single Reviews "all swaggering arrogance and ruck 'n roll attitude...Man the ramparts, Stormy Corner are coming to breathe life into a moribund music scene." PAUL KERR-The Devil Has The Best Tuna 'Skelmersdale's finest Stormy Corner has come a long way from the days of playing their own Skemfest. Now regulars on both the Manchester and Liverpool gig circuits they have bagged much coveted support slots with NME's latest darlings The Courteeners and this current outing sees them second in command to Columbia's Twisted Wheel at Oldham Castle. The energetic six piece need no introduction, their fan base has evidently traveled across the North West to revel in the regular on-stage shenanigans between dual vocalists Lunti and Simpkin. Backed up by mark on drums, Hursty on guitar, danny on lead guitar and Bassi on bass the line up resembles another North-West favorite, The Coral, and the sounds are as sublime. Kicking off the set is The LA Song which, in true Stormy Corner fashion, is cheeky, mischievous, lively and inescapable with the catchiest riff and lyrics that smack of the same realism as early Oasis. The band continue to electrify the crowd as they charge through fan favorites My Idea and Long Life, with bleach blond Lunti leaping on his co-singer in a moment quite akin to times of old from Pete and Carl. With a plethora of influences including The Beatles, Nirvana, Buzzcocks and Oasis this band is plainly no one-trick pony. Chase a Lost Cause and Emily's Apple shows a darker more delicate side to their sound with an almost 60's influence evident musically and a Libertines stimulus that undoubtedly extends further than the interaction of the two singers. As their song title explains, this band is openly down with the kids of today and one thing for sure, the kids are going to love it.' Shell Salford Radio 'From Being Wedged Between The Two Cities Stormy Corner Have Both Mancunian And Scouse Qualitys,Aggresive,Raw Rock And Roll Tracks Such As 'My Idea' And 'The Predicament' Bring Out The Best In Stormy Corners Aggressive Manc Persona Where As 'Emily’s Apple' Adds A Melodic Element To The Track List! Panic Attack Promotions 'STORMY CORNER, A blistering indie 6 piece joins the party with a sound that encompasses the wild aggression of kasabian mixed with the gentler melodies of the stone roses. Amongst their rival Manchester based bands, the lads are going down a storm, with an ever expanding fan base, and receiving notable attention from the record industry after supporting NME's band of the minute 'The Courteeners'. Independent Magazine

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